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Anbôise Notes: Choosing the Perfect Rug


This month our Creative Director, Annabelle Holland, shares some tips on how to select the right rug for your room.

So often an afterthought when putting a room together, a rug can make or break a room - Whereas not having a rug in a room can make the space feel very unsettled.

Rugs are absolutely not an afterthought at Anbôise, in fact with over 30 years experience, the Anbôise Rug Team are specialists in the Persian rug trade. The team travel frequently to source pieces they see as unique works of art, which often require years to hand-knot and complete.


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It doesn’t matter how beautiful the rug is, if it is not the right size for the space then it will look awkward. 

When it comes to selecting the size of the rug, each room is different, however here are some guidelines that are worth keeping in mind:


Sitting Room

The front legs of the sofa or armchairs should sit on the rug and there should be an overhang of at least 15cm at the sides.


Place the rug partially under the bed, allowing at least 20cm between the bedside table and the rug, and an overhang of at least 45cm at the base and sides

Dining Room

The chairs should sit on the rug with an overhang of about 20cm.


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Another idea when selecting rugs is to consider layering them.

Placing a Persian rug on a jute rug creates an added layer of interest and warmth. It also means that if you have fallen in love with a rug that is too small for a space or if your budget does not stretch to the Persian rug of your dreams, then placing it on a perfectly sized jute rug will solve the problem.

An added benefit is that the combination can help soften the impact of certain patterns, adding the perfect touch to a room without overwhelming it.


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