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Anbôise is a luxury interiors brand which combines contemporary designs with curated art and antiques, creating unique interiors with character and atmosphere

Our evolving collections are curated by Creative Director, Annabelle Holland, founder of the award winning eponymous design studio and Homes & Gardens Contributing Editor – with the assistance of an experienced team of art and antique experts.

Annabelle is known for her combinations of contemporary and classic furniture, which create a sense of evolution over time and provide unique, multi-layered designs with depth and interest.

“We focus on outstanding craftsmanship – both old and new - in order to create timeless interiors which can be passed down through the generations.”

Anbôise (pronounced on-bwahz) endeavours to create interiors that feel curated rather than decorated.

Anbôise Handcrafted Furniture

All our upholstered furniture - including armchairs, sofas, benches and headboards - is handmade in the UK and designed by Annabelle Holland in partnership with our master craftsmen to be timeless pieces of furniture which will be passed down through the generations.

Anbôise Antiques

The Anbôise Antiques Team has over 50 years experience dealing antique English furniture and are members of BADA (The British Antique Dealers’ Association), the leading trade association for the fine art, design and antiques community, and CINOA (Confédération Internationale des Négociants en Œuvres d’Art), the principal international confederation of Art & Antique dealer associations. The team's criteria for buying stock has never changed - Good Design, Originality, Good Colour and Patination. All our pieces are great examples of their type - a cut above the rest. 

Anbôise Art

The Anbôise Art Team has over 15 years experience running art galleries. The team are constantly travelling to see artists in their own studios, immersing themselves in the way they work, getting to understand their background, how they paint and the paints they use.


Anbôise Fabrics

Anbôise collaborates with leading fabric houses to create all its upholstered furniture and soft furnishings, selecting only the finest fabrics with a focus on craftsmanship. Recent collaborations include:

Lewis & Wood

Since they were established over 25 years ago Lewis & Wood have had "a determination to use British talent and manufacturing, and to be adventurous and experimental. When most mainstream fabric and wallpaper companies bring out dozens of new designs every year, Lewis & Wood introduce a select half-dozen. In a world of too many fabrics and wallpapers, Lewis & Wood offers the edited version - high-quality, considered and concise. Lewis & Wood designs have a sense of individuality, a quality that speaks of the carefully-crafted as opposed to the mass-produced."

Ros Byam Shaw author of English Eccentric

Pukka Print

Founded in 2013, Pukka Print's hand blocked designs merge Indian botanicals, flowers and foliage with an English colour palette to create a very Anglo-Indian feel and look. The collections all combine an innate understanding of English decoration and style with a passion for genuine 16th and 17th century prints originating from India. The look is timeless and understated; the colours subtle and classic. The designs are inspired by Indian motifs and play with colour and scale. Block printing requires immense skill, experience and patience. Often this traditional expertise has been passed from father to son through the generations. In order to create the patterns, each block is very carefully and slowly printed onto the cloth by hand whilst the registration (knowing how to line the block up) is all done by eye. 

Anbôise Rugs

With over 30 years experience, The Anbôise Rug Team are specialists in the Persian rug trade. The team travel frequently to source pieces they see as unique works of art, which often require years to hand-knot and complete. 

Our Inspiration

The company name is inspired by our founder’s ancestor, Charles II d’Amboise, known, amongst other things, for being Leonardo da Vinci’s patron.

Just as Charles promoted the arts and design through da Vinci five centuries ago - Anbôise looks to bring together and promote the best in art, design and craftsmanship today.