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Anbôise Notes: How to Choose the Perfect Sofa

This month our Creative Director, Annabelle Holland, shares some tips on how to choose the perfect sofa.


I think it is fair to say the sofa is one of the most important purchases many of us will ever make. Not only is it a significant financial investment, but it is one of the main focal points in the home which, if chosen wisely, will also be the most comfortable spot in the house for generations to come – With all this in mind, it is no wonder choosing the perfect sofa is considered such a dauting task.  


The first consideration should always be a practical one, will your sofa fit within your proposed layout plan and, just as importantly, will you be able to get the sofa through your doorways and hallways in the first place?


Choosing the style of the sofa, either traditional or modern, is funnily enough perhaps the most straightforward task, but once you have done so, comes the much harder task of choosing what to have it upholstered in. The variety of fabrics is seemingly endless, not to mention the number of designs and colourways within each category – This, in my experience, can be the most overwhelming step when choosing the perfect sofa. If practicality and longevity are your priority then I would suggest a Performance Fabric with a high Martindale rub test. However if luxury or making a statement is your preference then look no further than a high quality hand blocked linen or Italian velvet.


Anboise Sofas


The price difference between a high street sofa and a hand made sofa can seem extraordinary, and although some of what you are paying for is the extra comfort, a lot of what you are paying for can’t actually be seen. The frame on a high quality sofa will be crafted using seasoned hard wood with mortise and tenon joints and the steel coil springs will be individually hand tied to ensure an even weight distribution. These are the key ingredients of a sofa made to be passed down through the generations.


Talking about comfort, the next step is choosing a cushion filling. Again there are many options here, between types of foam (which I would not recommend), feather wrapped foam (which can be a good low maintenance alternative), feather, feather and down or just down. Feather and down is my preference despite the slightly higher cost and maintenance required - Their comfort and look are unrivalled in my opinion. However, having helped clients choose sofas for over a decade, I can tell you from experience that opinions on this matter, vary significantly from person to person.


I hope following these steps will help you find your perfect sofa, which will only get more comfortable over time and hopefully become a treasured family heirloom.  


Anboise sofas are handcrafted in England and made to be passed down from generation to generation.