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Anbôise Notes: Incorporating Art Into Your Interior Design Scheme

This month our Creative Director, Annabelle Holland, shares some tips on how to incorporate art into your interior design scheme.


Art has the power to transform any space, adding unique character to any interior design scheme. However, incorporating art is not just about adding a painting or a sculpture to a room - It is about creating a cohesive and thoughtful balance between the art and the other elements in the space.


In decorative terms, art can serve as the focal point of a room and it can bring in colour and texture, all of which is certainly valuable, however perhaps even more importantly, it can add personality and interest to a space - Art should be thought of as an opportunity to showcase one's individuality and style.





Choosing the right type of art for your room however, is crucial if you are to create a cohesive and ultimately successful design. Always keep in mind the colour scheme, scale, and proportions of the space - The art should complement the room and not overpower it.


Having said that, art can also be used to add colour and texture to a room. Bold or bright paintings can bring in pops of colour that liven up a space. Similarly, textured pieces of art, can add depth and interest to a room. When incorporating colourful or textured art into a space, you might want to keep the other elements of the room neutral, so that the art remains the focal point.



Another important consideration is the framing.  You should choose a frame that complements the style and colours of your art. Typically you would choose a simple, modern frame for a contemporary piece of art, and perhaps a more ornate frame for a classical piece of art. Having said that, there are no real rules here and the juxtaposition of modern frames and classical oil paintings, for example, can look great.


A final consideration when incorporating art in your interior design scheme is the lighting of your space. Lighting can make a huge difference to how your art is perceived. Whether you are looking to make a dramatic focal point, highlight a particularly special piece or even just creating added layer of lighting for different times of the day - Well considered, spotlights, track lighting or picture lights are a must.



About the Anbôise Art Team


The Anbôise Art Team has over 15 years experience running art galleries. The team are constantly travelling to see artists in their own studios, immersing themselves in the way they work, getting to understand their background, how they paint and the paints they use.